Our school comprises Labs equipped with modern features to ensure that the kids observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction, using hand-on learning methods to apply the knowledge they have attained in the classroom.


Active learning through exploring, experimenting and accomplishing

To complement classroom teaching, the school has included NextLabs in their curriculum, which comprises four well-equipped labs - MathsLab, ScienceLab, RoboticsLab and EnglishLab. These labs are developed for the inquisitive 21st century learners. It provides:

  • hands-on activities to encourage experiential learning
  • age-appropriate resource kits with safety measures
  • content, lab plans and lab calendars that are mapped to the curriculum

Computer Lab

"Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all."- John F. Kennedy

The well-equipped computer lab at The Imperial School follows the Computer Masti curriculum, which focuses on making the students IT fluent rather than just IT literate. IT fluency is a skill that makes the students future-ready and enables them to effectively apply and create the technology of tomorrow. Teaching students to be technologically advanced also prepares them for careers in this field.

The Computer Masti programme is designed and created by IIT Bombay to:

  • enable the students to imbibe computer programming skills
  • help students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • create an interconnection of computer science with other subjects
  • help students learn how to work as a team
  • help them keep up with the changing face of technology in the coming decades
  • provide a spiral curriculum in which concepts are revisited multiple times in greater depths

ScienceLab and RoboticsLab

ScienceLab - Putting the experience back in science

The well-equipped science lab of The Imperial School enhances the hands-on learning experience of the students by providing them with:

  • personal kits and workbooks for Grades 1-10
  • 100 hands-on activities with videos and instruction manuals

RoboticsLab - Serious learning while having fun

It is a solution for a deeper scientific understanding using activity-based learning. It blends subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It helps in boosting creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills of the learners.

Language Lab

"Learning a language is to understand others; to form connection" - Anonymous

With access to multiple cultures and languages, the world today has become more accessible , thanks to the advancement of science and technology. At The Imperial School, we understand that language learning is not the same as learning other subjects. In order to ace a particular language, the various skills of the language like reading, writing, listening and speaking must be practised.

The language lab at The Imperial School provides a facility which allows the student to listen to the model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and compare with the model for self-assessment. The language lab helps the learner to use technology efficiently to communicate.


Located in Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, The Imperial School is dedicated to make every learner future-ready. Our efforts and strategies are focused on moulding future innovators, who are highly motivated, and creative. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital learning solutions, an integrated curriculum adhering to the latest pedagogies, a well-stocked library and other facilities, we aim to make our dream a reality.


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